My recent drawings, inspired by the Norfolk Landscape, aim to explore the changing identity and character of place. Reference to the local is used as means to evoke universal themes and environmental concerns.

The work features a variety of terrains that include farmland, woodland and coast. Allusion to history and the past are composed alongside forms and reference that speak of modernity including the generic signs of urbanization.

Oak trees and bluebell woods are collaged in fractured panorama with new estates and by-pass developments.

Each drawing contains a variety of media and mark making that invests imagery with a brittle materiality. This friable quality is communicated further by compositions as series of vignettes defined by oval frames. This device, appropriated from an old Norfolk picture book, invests imagery with a note of nostalgia.

I am interested in Landscape as site of myth, place of the mind and mental projection. Sometimes the work contains a fantasy or subversive quality or sci-fi sensibility. This is communicated through palette, transformation of elements into ambiguous form and mood of anticipation.

July 31st 2018