My current work is made as a response to my physical environment and the contemporary cultural Landscape. I'm interested in the way the mind filters reference from the world and the resulting form this takes in the imagination.                                                                  Processes of collage and construction are utilised to create sculptural assemblage from mainly low fi materials. Plywood and cardboard composed into architectural form evoke towers and buildings. The surfaces are drawn on with repeat diagrammatic pattern and geometric forms. These motifs create visual rhythms that reverberate through the structure. Assemblages that are shot through with dystopian vibe meld reference to urban and rural environments and allusion to fortresses, repositories and game boards. Within the disorientating panorama, walls, shelves and crawl spaces are composed with bits of plastic, wire, beer cans, plastic soldiers and newspaper cuttings. These pathways of materials evoke circuits and matrix in constant flow. My work aims to explore tensions within the erosion of space, between public and private, city and country. This is communicated through the ambiguity of form, play of material qualities and an improvised, precarious construction.  

Jan 2019