Kaleidoscopic environments, collaged from low-fi, recycled materials, evoke the futuristic skylines of dystopian Science fiction.

My current installations, that are composed of sculptural constructions and images, propose brittle, architectural panorama. Forms reminiscent of High rise buildings fuse allusion to urban space, the organic and digital. Sections open out and pull apart and material peels from facades in processes of disintegration and transformation. Forms are often joined together by tenuous network of plastic wires. Composed with signs of civilisation including cut out images of luxury chairs and cars, they appear like precarious lines of communication against a backdrop of decay.

The elements within the installations are composed as series of layers. These merge and open out at different points as the viewer moves through the work. This illusionistic quality is also developed through incorporation of cut out images that read as 3d forms. The resulting perceptual shifts play out as space and imagery camouflage and open out.

In this work I'm interested in exploring theme of connectivity within urban and virtual space. Source material, that includes J.G.Ballard, Minecraft, circuit boards e.t.c, are translated through everyday material and a hand-made aesthetic. This approach and process aim to invest form with tactile quality and human presence.

The work asks, How do we make sense of and where are we within physical and technological spaces and environments that are becoming increasingly fluid and remote?

July 29th 2019


Image, To future lives already lived (threads) 2019, Installation detail, cardboard, emulsion, tape, charcoal, photographs, wire, plastic crates, hubcaps, sticks, gloss paint, acrylic paint, pastel, plastic bags, florescent lighting, fabric, plywood, paper, foil, paper, Variable dimensions