King constructs low-fi materials including cardboard and tape into sculptural form. Geometric, modular units are built up to propose architectural panorama with futuristic vibe. Choreographed amongst disorientating vistas of towers, platforms and crawl spaces are discarded traces from contemporary urban space and edge zones. Bits of wire, beer cans and newspaper cuttings appear reminiscent of game board counters as they circulate within the larger system. The surface of forms often reveal repeat pattern composed using stencils. These markings, that evoke a quality of camouflage, create a sense of movement as they ricochet in visual rhythms. King’s hermetic environments propose space within which reference and distinction between public and private, inner and outer and city and country are conflated and eroded. Taking a cue from dystopian Sci-fi the work presents a mirror that reflects contemporary fears. Where are we within these complex matrices of discarded stuff come back to haunt us? Who or what resides in and beyond the surface? And where does power lie?

May 2019 

Image, Around, through and back again (crawl space news) 2018, plywood, cardboard, emulsion, packaging, England flags, florescent lighting, plastic wire, charcoal, newspaper, card, paperclips, 190 x 290 x 180 cm