I grew up in and recently returned to live in the largely agricultural area south of Norwich, Norfolk, UK. This part of the County is undergoing considerable new development. Village contours are redefined by new estates, by-passes are built and plans put forward for facilities to store the power from off-shore wind farms.The identity and character of familiar places and forms including fields and oak trees meld with the generic design of modern housing and new cars.   Drawing has been a way for me to respond to and record these changes. Mark making as a means to map and explore themes and processes of transition and becoming. The works are collaged from observations, experiences, memory and the imagination.

I've used charcoal, ink and graphite for material and responsive qualities and potential for variety of mark. Cumulus clouds and the landscape topography are drawn with angular line and a geometric sensibility that echoes the surrounding building site construction. Cars and houses represented with brittle contours evoke an air of ghostly impermanence. These semi-abstract forms are composed in fragmented vistas and malleable panorama.

I'm also interested in using atmosphere to communicate theme. Moods in the works range from optimism to foreboding and anticipation.

Recent 3d is inspired by the ruptured earth of building works and internet arial imagery of the bypass development north of Norwich. Drawings on paper are configured using templates into house and car forms. Composed in rows or placed on top of each other the linear patterns and marks coalesce to suggest  camouflage. 

Adam King

31st Jan 2018